It has been about a year since I have been selected as part of a tender to be a scholarship holder of the ŠTELCER| BERKOVIČ law firm for the study year of 2016/2017 and as such been given a chance to test my knowledge and abilites in the workspace of a law firm.

In scope of the practical part I have learned a lot and have gotten an insight into the background of the attorney profession that students generally are not familiar with. I am extremely grateful for the given opportunity to be able to overcome the general study programme and to be able to test the previously gained knowledge in practice under the mentorship of the law firm staff. Since the beginning I have felt really welcome in the personnel and I have been glad to be doing my practice internship there. I would especially like to point out the relations among personnel, which is on a really high level and truly makes for a good working environment and successful work. Along with the excellent cooperation I would also like to mention the adaptability and understanding for all my study and non-study related obligations and the support they have given me with my studies.

Applying for the scholarship and doing practical work as part of it was primarily a challenge for me, because I wanted to test myself and my knowledge, that I have gained as part of my studies. I appreciate the trust in me that the attorneys have shown by giving me my own duties which I have tried to fulfill as best as I could. The work done has helped with my self-criticism, personal growth and discovering the flaws in my knowledge as well as other capablities, such as legal writing and other assignments that I have faced for the first time. Our cooperation and working on different legal assignments gave me eagerness to continue my studies, while the experience and knowledge gained will help me in my future endeavours.

I would recommend applying for this project to every law student interested in the work of an attorney. I believe that the opportunities of this kind are rare and therefore students have to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves during studies and show other practitioners that we are willing to learn and already gain experience during our studies.

Avtor: Šašo Šilec