It came, it is lasting and soon will be over. I do not have any of seasons as a favourite, because every season brings us something beautiful. We only have to find those beautiful, positive aspects. It is interesting, that all seasons, except summer, are female (in Slovenian language, feminine and masculine gender is also used for the subjects. So spring, autumn and winter are feminine and summer is masculine gender). Little feministic, isn’t it?!? However, that is not important, because it is still summer, time of holidays and regeneration. Now is not time for deep conversations.

And then comes »madam« autumn. On the first sight very strict. It puts children back behind the school benches, it gives farmers results of their yearly work, and alerts us, that there isn’t time for sandals and light clothing any more. In the same time, with its warm colours and beauty, autumn brings us new creativity, imagination and daydreams….