Expression »team building« doesn’t reflect the only correct and wanted goal, persuaded by the leaders, when they prepare this kind of event. Team building is often wrongly understood as an inadequate method to increase productivity and working results, but by opinion lot of leaders, team building is the most important investment in employers. It builds trust, reduce conflicts, encourage communication and increase cooperation between co-workers. By planning team building, it is good to state some positions, rules, or directions, which insure more successful, joyful and engaged at work co-workers.  These rules are not obligatory or limited; they are just result of experiences.

I can confirm that successful team building contains every event, which is different from everyday work in the working environment. Diverse tasks and goals, which are not work- related, contribute to more effective cooperation and better results. Success is achieved merely by determination of common goal, sharing tasks and ability to go with the flow. The main goal of team building isn’t to give commend to the ones that are best at work or critique to co-workers  that are not there yet, but  to give one a chance to become better and others to enable that. Common experience by achieving goals becomes an important factor by understanding co-workers, especially if it is new experience for every team member. Consequently, choice of theme of every year’s team building is first and most important step by planning. By that, we do not have any boundaries.

Event, intended to improve team cooperation won’t give us desired results in working environment, if the event won’t also have its epilogue in everyday work, because only by that it contributes to facilitating the mutual understanding and improves working results.